Composing original music is our passion. From hook-filled pop songs - to jingles you can't forget - to orchestral underscores that stir the soul, our hand-crafted music makes each impression a lasting one. Listen to these MP3's of our original music demos and hear for yourself.
Instrumental Music Demo - Henry's Marketplace Theme
Different Drummer Studios has an inspiring vibe that lets you relax and concentrate on creativity. It's a warm, supportive environment that brings out the best in beginning and experienced musicians alike. We use great mics and high-end preamps to record your music with warmth and precision, and our musical expertise helps you get the most out of every performance.
With Pro Tools, editing music is an artform with endless possibilities. From fixing bad notes and assembling perfect vocal takes to creating a whole new arrangement, editing can save a project - or take it to a whole new level. We edit music quickly, and with a musical feel, saving the day for indie artists as well as luminaries like Crosby, Stills & Nash -- and David Crosby's solo project CPR.
Mixing music is both an art and a science - using volume, frequency and space to create soundscapes that convey the emotion of the song. We use Pro Tools' automated mixing features to create mixes that give you goosebumps, taking the sound you hear in your head to the next level.
Mastering ties the music together, making sure songs are the same volume, perfecting EQ balance and creating the sheen that says, "This music is pro." We use precision tools and years of experience to master your music so it competes in your car, on the radio, and on your website.