Xmen Storm
Odyssey Golf
Upper Deck
Xmen Storm Quicktime - 5MB
(Originally in Surround)
Odyssey Golf Quicktime - 8MB
(For live event and website)
Upper Deck Quicktime - 3MB


The next time you're watching TV, turn the sound off for awhile. Pretty boring, huh? Now turn up the sound and close your eyes. Suddenly you get the subplots, feel tension when the scary music starts, and jump when the artillery lands near your couch.

You can open your eyes now.

Anyone who knows how audio post-production enhances the perceived quality of video will tell you -- great sound gives your production the maximum impact while taking the minimum bite out of your budget.

At Different Drummer Studios, we make your video shine -- balancing levels and EQ, adding sound effects from our extensive SFX collection, fixing bad dialog with Automatic Dialog Replacement (ADR), adding custom music or tracks from our diverse library, and mixing it all for TV, Radio, Theater and the Internet

We also use sophisticated software to repair audio glitches and remove unwanted noise. Have a scene with distracting sounds like birds, crickets or traffic? We can reduce or eliminate those sounds so your dialog shines through.
Click the Quicktime examples above to hear some of our Sound Design work.

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