control room

Different Drummer Studios is owned and operated by singer, songwriter, producer, audio engineer
J.J. McLeod - who has over 20 years experience using Pro Tools for music, broadcast production and audio post-production. Also at Different Drummer Studios is DLI Productions' Dan de la Isla, an award-winning songwriter, producer, and audio engineer specializing in music production, mixing and mastering.

We're next door to Satellite Video Productions, one of Southern California's premier video production facilities. The studio has a cool vibe that keeps the creativity flowing. In addition to the large vocal booth, we have a great live room for recording drums, horns, or an entire band. We also feature live, broadcast quality two-way voiceover recording with ISDN using Source Connect Pro and Source Connect Now.

For commercial production, we're certified by Extreme Reach for digital delivery of TV and Radio commercials. No one likes to tell their client the spot didn't air because the audio failed quality control, especially since the CALM law now mandates the volume in TV shows and commercials, We use sophisticated metering and mastering software to ensure that every commercial is delivered right the first time.

For suround projects, we provide sound design and mixing in both 5.1 and 7.1 formats for theaters (DCP), TV and live events. Whatever audio requirements you project demands, we can deliver.

Partial Equipment List:

- 3 Pro Tools systems including two Pro Tools HD systems.
- Audio Interfaces: RME UCX,, Lynx Aurora, Digi002 rack, Mbox
- Microphones: Audio Technica 4050, Audio Technica 4033, Rode NTG3, Sennheiser 421, AKG 414 (2), AKG D112, SM57
- Mic pre amps: Avalon 737, several by Focusrite, Midas and Aphex
- Compressors: Focusrite, DBX and Behringer
- Monitor speakers: JBL 6325 surround system, Genelec 1032A w/ 1094 sub, DynaudioBM5A, Mackie HR824, Yamaha NS10
- Source Connect and ISDN (via bridging service)